Sunday, 20 July 2014

Remember Bladestorm?

Let me tell you a story long ago before there was a Dyansty Warriors 6 and the idea of a "Warriors" game featuring anything but Japanese and Chinese historical warriors (let alone giant robots, pirates or Zelda) There was Bladestorm.

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has sent out word that Koei Tecmo are taking another crack at Bladestorm. However it wont be a sequel KT hasn't given any details but they say its a reboot more than a remake or another entry. The game entitled Bladestorm: War & Nightmare will have new features and seems to be them trying to "do it right" this time.

For those who don't know Bladestorm was Koei's attempt at blending Dynasty Warriors high actions and it's far more strategy focused sister series Kessen. The game was set during the 100 years war featuring famous warriors from Europe from the time period e.g. Joan of Arc. The games basic gameplay looked like Dynasty Warriors but your character had commender other units on the field to do anything that the most basic slash. so for example before you could attack an group of French soldiers you must first find an cavalry unit or an group of knights to join. When you did you would magically gain that units equipment until it was defeated or you left.

Abe's Take
I tried the Bladestorm demo several times and although i thought the concept and setting had potential it was always held back by how useless your "legendary hero" was with out another unit glued to their spine.
I'm hoping it returns with a better combat system and it's unit based strategy giving us the real balance between dynasty action and Kessen strategy

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