Friday, 29 August 2014

Saints Row Goes To Hell

Earlier we reported that Saints Row developer Volition was teasing something and now we know. Introducing Saints Row IV: Gat Out of Hell

As the trailer shows the leader of the Saints is dragged to hell in order to marry Satan's daughter, It's up to Jonny Gat and Kinsey to rescue him. Obviously being in Hell leaves the door open for dead characters to return and some pretty incredible powers. The super powers of are replaced by angel wings, demon powers and dual blades.  Looks like hell will be home to some pretty epic powers

In this stand alone expansion you'll be able to switch between Gat and Kinsey at will or play co-op. You wont require Saints Row IV to play which is handy as Gat Out of Hell is coming to new-gen systems as well as old-gen. But you might be the collecting sort and want this to sit next to Saints Row IV and be on next gen... Yep introducing Saints Row 4: Re-elected. SR4:RE will feature the base game, all the dlc, the two expansions and (quoting the devs here) a slight graphics boost.

Both Gat Out of Hell and Re-elected will both hit January 27th, will be available either separately or as a bundle (UK pricing unknown). There is a detail worth noting here, you wont get to create your character in Gat Out of Hell so if you want to see your boss you need SR4 save data and there doesn't appear to be any cross gen save transfer.

Abe's Take
This dose look really great and I do love me some Saints Row. I am however torn between which gen to get it on. I all ready have a history on 360. It was great taking my Saints Row Initiation station character to SR3, then SR: Ingratiation Station and then in to SR4. However I was expecting 2015 to be the year my 360 stops getting new-new games.

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