Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A Wild WWE 2K14 Gameplay Fottage Appears!

As we start to see true new-gen graphics appear do you know who i feel sorry for? Realistic Artist and Animators. Those guys who've spent the last 15 years painstakingly rending real people's faces or every bump and dip in a car's design, and spending 100 hours watching how they move and behave to accurately represent that in-game.  Why do i feel sorry for them? because look at what can be done without them.

The new game features laser scanned wrestlers (same tech used to make Forza 5's cars) and motion capture in a special built (to regulation) wrestling ring. As you can see it looks might impressive but you might say "sure in a screen shot it looks good" which is true most published screen shots are prettied up a bit. so how about 3 videos of it in action. 2 are entrance videos so you can see the graphical quailty (sadly one had to be "acquired from gamespot" but one is off screen (video recorded of a tv) of an actual match played (baddly) by joe public in Gamescon

I really liked the number of "hit" animations there was in that video. As of someone who spent a lot of time recently playing 2K14  its nice to see the number of animations increased (5 fold we're told by press release)
I also liked how the wrestlers leg stayed hung on the rope after the suplex, It would be fun if something can be done with that.

Here are Randy Ortons and Goldust (who i assume is a different guy now) entrance videos

As you can see those realistic artists best start learning how to draw fantasy and SciFi if they want to keep working

Abe's Take
Always been a fan of wrestling games but ever since the wrestlers I grew up with in both WCW and WWE have disappeared to be replaced by American wish fulfilment i have become enamoured with the custom character suites so i wonder how my "traditional" character created with sliders will compare to these laser scanned icons.

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