Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Space Engineers Comes To Xbox One

Space Engineers was a surprise indie title that claimed our time, that gave us some serious Minecraft vibes. So we're excited that its coming to Xbox One as an timed exclusive.

We don't currently know what features the game will have outside of the current slate of PC features. Survival or creative modes in single player or multiplayer. We'll be grabbing this as much as we love the PC version, it is somewhat resource intensive and can be rather unstable on modest PC rigs. Space Engineers has a 12 month exclusive contract with MS so we can expect to see the PS4 version 12 months after launch

Abe's Take
I'm looking forward to playing this on Xbox One and will be happy to "double dip" to support the excellent developers. The only thing I want to see added to the X1 version would be splitscreen. Playing Minecraft in splitscreen was amazing and helped make it feel slightly less lonesome

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