Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Mario Kart gets expanded!

For years people have wanted Nintendo to scrap Mario Kart and replace it with Smash Kart. Basically the same thing but with other Nintendo characters but looks like Mario Kart DLC might just grant that wish!

Update - Some promo art work for the DLC has appeared on the Mario Kart 8 site and appears to show (in rather tiny images) tracks based on F- Zero, Animal Crossing and Excitebike. As well as classic tracks such as Wario Gold Mine return

Yes Link and others are coming to Mario Kart 8 as part of two upcoming DLC's.

So far Nintendo has announced 2 packs at £7 each. The first is set to hit in November and will feature Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach and (Skyward) Link, 4 vehicles including Blue Falcon (Captain Falcon's Ride) and a Cat-Mobile, and 8 new tracks.
 The second DLC will hit in May and will feature Animal Crossing's Villager and Isabel, Dry Bowser, 4 new vehicles and yet another 8 tracks.  

Purchasing both packs (bundle or separate) will also score you 8 coloured Shy guys AND Yoshi

Abe's Take
It is worth noting that November is suspected release date for Smash Bros (acording to Amazon's Preorder page for the Smash Bros "fight pad") which comes with Amiibo, which was confirmed to work with Mario Kart 8 and seeing as Link and Villiager have Amiibos (Sadly Dry Bowser dose not!) its not hard to see a connection, Though I doubt you'll need the figure to unlock them unless you can unlock Link with out the DLC by using the Amiibo

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