Friday, 29 August 2014

Saints Row 5?

After THQ imploded luckily several titles and studio was auctioned off. Saints Row developer Volition was luckily bought with the Saint's Row IP by Deep Silver (publishers of Dead Island) and everyone wonder what was next? Well the developers are teasing something for PAX.

The above image was released with the tagline "something wicked this way comes" now obviously that's a "Fler De Saint" the symbol of the Saints Row series. However there is clearly 666 in the Fler De Saint and the image appears to be a Ouija board. Could be be approaching a supernatural psudohorror Saints Row game? The developers did say they wanted to take the series in a different direction.

The thought occurs to me that the Saints Icon is in between the Yes and No, with this being an teaser image is possible that Saints Row ISN'T the game they'll be announcing.

The last Saints Row game to be released suffered from THQ wanting to maximise money. SR4 was 3 different Saints row projects fused together. Rise of the Domimatrix was going to be a stand alone DLC where the Saints was trapped in a computer simulation. Saints Row: The fourth was going to be about the saints becoming heroes after saving the city twice and becoming a spec ops team and finally Saints Row 5 would of been about becoming President.

Abe's Take
Saints Row has been a favourite of ours ever since SR1 thanks to its sense of fun. When GTA 4 appeared in all it's angsty, somber brown-ness Saints Row was doing Co-op stunt jumps on Mini Moto fighting motorbike samurai. I look forward to the games return

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