Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Dragon Age Gets Co-op

We're big fans of Co-op here in the GK-UK (not) Tower and when ever we see a game where you have more than one chum with you through out the game we always ask "is it co-op?" usually it is not. Bioware has been trying co-op out, Mass Effect 3 had a progression based horde mode that turned out to be a lot of fun and they are back to take another crack at it with Dragon Age Inquisition 

Unlike their previous attempt Dragon Age's co-op has a lot more depth. At launch you'll be able to play through 3 light narrative campaigns that will play out in randomly generated levels, Though the campaigns are themed so you unlikley to be discovering an human castle in the middle of the Elven ruins campaign.

Who will you be playing as you ask? Not your Inquisitor (Spin on it!), not your companions or an random custom character. You'll be playing as what is basically the Inquisitor's (that's you) Spec-ops team. They're being described as Sub-Followers. They wont be fleshed out as much as the main characters but they will have distinct personalties and will apparently "banter" with each other. At launch there will be 9 playable characters, three for each class and each will have their own skill trees. You'll be able to collect and use the same loot as in single player for your co-op character.

Like Mass Effect 3's mode there will be the option of using real money to buy loot chests, which can yeild new characters, skins and weapons but they can also be bought with in game money and nothing is "locked behind a pay wall" so there will no paying to win (which frankly in a co-op game isn't as much of an issue). They plan to surport the co-op the same way as Mass Effect 3's there will be regular FREE DLCs that will add loot, levels, missions and characters. Loot found in missions can be shared between your player characters as-well as broken down to craft new items.

Team work will be vital in co-op as the single players tactical camera wont appear in Multi player teams will have to coordinate attacks, buffs and heals to take on these missions. If a player is killed outright (assuming there is a timed revive mechanic) then the enemies become stronger.

But why not full co-op you may ask, apparently like Bethesda co-op is something they always put on the board when making a new game but for various reasons it never sticks. Bioware say that this time it was they wanted to deliver 5 things Open World, Story, Characters, Visuals, and Inquisition. That combined with the strain of working on an brand new engine it wasn't "the right time" though they did point to Star Wars: Old Republic to show they are working on bring "true co-op" to Dragon Age (and possibly Mass Effect)

Abe's Take
This sounds very promising. Mass Effect 3's co-op turned out to be amazing by adding RPG levelling to an horde mode they fixed the obvious lack of progression. People are all ready bringing up Diablo and Borderlands comparisons thanks to its plan on abusing you're LOOT lust. Overall this seems like a decent upgrade to Mass Effect 3 and the amount of depth seems rather fantastic.

Dragon Age Inquisition can be preordered HERE which also comes with the nifty flame weapons

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