Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Pokken Annouced

It was rumoured, hinted at and even trade marked but no one thought it would of actually happened but it has Pokken Tournament has been officially announced

For those who don't know you (but can probably guess from the name) Pokken is a combination of Pokemon and Tekken (see what they did there?). The game is developed by the core Tekken team and will hit Japanese arcades next year. we can assume that it will reach over here on Wii U because the Japanese trailer is full of lovely Germanic letters and English words, in fact not one piece of Kanji is spotted in the trailer.

Abe's Take
This like Hyrule Warriors at first seems like a bizarre cross over yet makes perfect sense and I cant wait to hear more about it, I sure hope it dose land over here on Wii U as it is desperate for more fighting games

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