Thursday, 28 August 2014

Dragon Age Multiplayer Trailer Lands

Yesterday we reported that Dragon Age Inquisition would be getting an multiplayer mode based on the Mass Effect 3's survival styled mode but turned into randomly generated mini campaigns. Today we have a game-play trailer!

first thing would like to post a correction, it appears the multiplayer in fact has 12 characters; 4 for each class, and not 9 as mentioned yesterday

Back to the video. As you can see there is a lot of interplay between the different class's abilities, we also get a look at the games rather nice crafting and customisation features. The Missions will be given to us by the main games' advisers which provides a nice link

Abe's Take
The multiplayer is shaping up to be really interesting and I am might impress by the crafting syetem


  1. Well, I know who I'm playing as!
    The game alone looks superb, but multiplayer, and of this caliber is a clear cut winner for me.

  2. Its going to be great, we enjoyed the crap out of Mass Effect 3's MP and that was horde mode with RPG levelling!