Thursday, 28 August 2014

Blocker Who?

Minecraft for 360 and ps3 has received lots of DLC skin packs and mash up packs that tie into upcoming films and even other gaming franchises for mash up packs but coming in September is a big one.

The Doctor is in... Minecraft. in September the FIRST pack will hit featuring  5 doctors (including attack eyebrows), their companions and a selection of playable monsters which yes includes an Dalek. The pack will cost £1.99
They will be several DLCs that will launch along side new episodes of the show and will reflect those episodes. Here's hoping that's more monsters and less Clara outfits.
Oh go on here is a picture of the Dalek in Minecraft that I know you're dying to see

Abe's Take
It's always been a shame that I wasn't able to use my PC Minecraft skin I made on the console version. However the Skin packs have been good and certainly are cheap enough. I just hope this skin pack transfers to the X1/PS4 versions as we know some of the skin packs are "trapped in licencing" agreements. We still dont have an expected release date for Minecraft new-gen as it's failed cert testing on PS4 and nearly ready for cert tests on X1. "all goes well" we're looking at mid september

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