Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Zombies Coming To GTA V?

What game cant be improved by adding zombies? Seriously think we'd all play a football game where the dead also roamed the pitch and keepers become exceptionally nervous being not allowed to leave the goal area and all.
This WAS NOT found by the code monkeys
The reason for the Zombie infused talk? Seems that code monkeys have discovered evidence of Zombie DLC for single player and multiplayer in the games coding, there are in fact "screenshots and videos" but they are just of the game loading then screens of code checking for said undead DLC before crashing And as such not really worth sharing here, a quick Youtube or Google search will help if you need that curiosity itch to be scratched.

As always take this with a pinch of salt as it possible the code they found was a place holder or a scrapped idea.

Abe's Take
The Zombie DLC for Red Dead was fantastic and well done, if we see a similar take in GTA V and GTA Online it could be a game changer. If Red Deads head shot only zombies invade GTA Online it could present a breath of fresh air to the "watch the dots" nature of GTA:O

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