Friday, 28 October 2016

A confirmed game and MORE Nintendo Switch Rumours

Yep, these rumours just keep on coming, which makes sense as leakers are braver after Nintendo has revealed the device and at this point, the amount of people involved in developing the device must be expanding by the day. 

Koei Tecmo has confirmed its first Nintendo Switch game, interestingly it is not a Warriors game. Although it is in fact based on the same period as Samurai Warriors. Koei is bringing their latest title Nobunaga's ambition to the NS.

What type of game is it? well if you put a gun to my head and forced me to answer I'd say "it's a little like total war" but since you don't have a gun, I say check out some gameplay from the below live stream instead.

Nintendo president Kimishima has slightly elaborated more on the Switch "accessories" he made vague references to recently. It seems that theses accessories could be alternatives to the Joy-Cons attaching to the device, it seems we should find out at the Switch's party in January (the 12th)

"[In the trailer], we have shown you various scenarios [and] depending on the software, it will also allow you to do things beyond that." 

"In terms of the various ways you can play, you will have to see it together with the software and accessories that we'll have, which we will reveal in January."

Kimishima again confirmed the 3DS will keep going after the Switch launches stating that the system still has momentum and he doesn't expect the two devices to effect each other's sales.

Eurogamer claims to have a scope on the Nintendo Switch's screen. According to their source, the device does feature a touchscreen, which is 6.2 inches, 720p, and a first for Nintendo a multipoint (rumoured to be 10) capacitive screen. The Wii U, 3DS and DS all used single point resistive touch screens. This means the screen like a tablet or smartphone is more accurate and can track more than one finger at a time. Eurogamer's report references an older rumour that the Joy-Con R has an IR pointer to emulate a touch screen when the system is docked for home use.

Another report references the eSports section of the reveal. Nintendo is apparently reaching out to all the major eSports organisers, teams and leagues about adding the Switch into the rotation. Obviously, Super Smash Bros has a healthy tournament scene according to sources Nintendo isn't trying to "lead" eSports but instead wants to be a part of it, the sources go on to say Splatoon was part experiment to see if Nintendo could make an eSports title, with Nintendo currently deciding between making a new title for eSports or if Splatoon could be improved to become one.

Abe's Take
All good stuff today but again this affirmation of continuing 3DS support, again worries me deeply. For example, if the 3DS is still active will that stops the Switch from inheriting it's titles will the guaranteed system sellers of Pokemon and Monster Hunter hit the Switch if the 3DS is still floating around? or will they release a port on the Switch instead effectively limiting the quality of the games?

To me confirming the 3DS does, in fact, have a shelf life is probably a bigger question on the Switch than even battery life. The Switch's greatest advantage is Nintendo merging its home and handheld business focusing the entire Nintendo fan base on 1 device. Lets hope this is just an enthusastic version of the normal "we'll support the old system for a while yet" that happens with console generations.

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