Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Dead By Daylight - Halloween DLC

For those who haven't yet seen the trailer for the new DLC which dropped yesterday, here it is!

*Available on Steam for $6.99/£5.50

This is the first paid character DLC that they have released, and while a lot of people will probably complain (since Nea and the Nurse were free), you will still get to play against the new Killer and on the new map regardless of purchase or not.

Dead by Daylight has been needing a new killer since the last one was released. The Nurse, while terrifying and in desperate need of medical help herself, was the scariest thing to happen to Dead by Daylight. Until yesterday.


You start in a Suburban nightmare; police lights flashing and a fog rolling in from somewhere. There are roughly four houses for you to wander into, and two basements; one being the Killer's, the other being one you can hide in. However, there are a multitude of backyards for you to run through and leap over fences, should a mass-murderer set his sights on you.

I personally don't like the new map, but that's purely from a Survivor's perspective. It's compact, there's little space to run, and a hell of a lot of dead ends. Lord, those hedge-mazes don't half mess you up when you're in a blind panic. But I do love what they've done with the hooks, which is handy when one is shoved through your shoulder. Streetlight hooks. That's all I have to say.

The Shape

Honestly, I never thought I'd see the day they could top her fear-aspect. Then along strolls Mr Myers himself, kitchen knife raised high, and shattered any chance I thought I had for an escape. He has a lessened fear radius, which means we don't hear the heartbeat until it's far too late. His ability, Stalk, is creepy as hell when he reduces himself to walking slowly behind you with his knife raised ready to strike.
The only tactics I can suggest for you with him is this; run. Find another survivor to palm him off onto and then just run, because there is literally no other option unless you're super lucky with slapping a pallet down on his face.
He also brings with him some cripplingly awful perks;

Save the Best for Last
Kind of goes without saying what this perk does, but as per the movies Myers becomes obsessed with one survivor. If they are alive, he can stab the others much more quickly. Great. For him, anyway.

Dying Light
If he successfully kills the survivor he is obsessed with, the remaining survivors are then given penalties to their repair, healing and sabotage speeds. Like we weren't already hilariously outmatched.

Play With Your Food
Every time that the survivor that is obsessed with escapes, Myers gets a speed boost for his movement speed.

I'm sure that like his predecessor DLC Killer, he will lose his fear factor and we'll fall into the same lull we had before. Only, it's hard to remember that when my first encounter with him was myself trapped in a corner, all I can hear is his heavy breathing while I'm watching his red light (that signifies his line of sight) draw painfully slowly toward me, and then I look up. There he is, standing over me with his knife held high. One hit and I'm down, family members running in because apparently it wasn't just my character screaming.

But that isn't all that's been given to us in this DLC, because who would Myers be without Laurie Strode?

Laurie Strode

I'll be honest, I didn't like the look of her the first time I loaded the content. Her clothes scream 'Grandma' and the only appealing thing about her then was her hair. Then I saw her perks. She is everything that players have been looking for in a survivor, and you'll see why.

Sole Survivor
As the name suggests, this requires you to be the last one standing, to a point at least. For every survivor that's killed, the Killer's aura reading ability reduces. But this perk also makes it so that your chances of being the Obsession are drastically increased.

Decisive Strike
Yes. This is the perk you want. If you are holding an item, you finally have a chance to hit the Killer and escape his grasp. Until now, it has purely been a game of run for your life and pray you don't get caught. Now we can finally fight back! Unfortunately, it's only once per match, so you have to pick your moment. Maybe when you're the last alive and the escape hatch is right there.

Object of Obsession
I don't personally see this as a perk, because it's more of a hindrance than a help. If you are looking at the Killer, and you are their Obsession, their aura is revealed to you and yours to them. Which, forgive me if I'm wrong, surely would be more dangerous than helpful?

I'm very much only levelling up Laurie for that second perk, which will then be transferred over to my favourite character for survival's sake. Though even with this DLC being so recently released, I find myself wondering what else they can possibly make that can top this? I guess we'll just have to wait and find out.

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