Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Nintendo Switch Size Comparisons

Nintendo's upcoming system is promising a unified home and handheld experience which is an impressive goal but with such a promise there are questions of how do you marry these two extremes of gaming. 

Handhelds gaming needs portability and battery life, home games, on the other hand, need a large clear screen and power. Well it appears today we are getting a look into one of those aspects as the guys at King Avery Games have made some handy images comparing the 3DS XL to the Switch

So it appears the console main body (no Joy-Cons) is slightly wider and taller as a closed 3DS XL, and it looks like the console screen reaps the benefit.

But how does the whole package compare against the Wii U's gamepad that was "unwieldy" to some? well KAG thought the same and produced this other handy comparison.

As you can see the Switch manages to cut down the Wii U's bulk whilst increasing the size of the screen. Whilst we don't know the spec of the screen I think it's safe to assume is resolution (been rumoured to be 900/1080) above the 3DS and Wii U's screen.

Abe's Take
This is roughly what is was expecting but I'm impressed with its size and it's certainly less unwieldy than my Vision 8 Tablet for Xbox One streaming. That's device is most certainly not portable and is more than a little tiring to hold for extended periods. 

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