Wednesday, 19 October 2016

NX (Rumour) Battle!

NX chatter is really starting to pick up again, Is it because Nintendo is entered that leaky period before reveal? Or is it because the Shareholders meeting is about a week away and Nintendo has to at least mention it for then? Seeing how long we waited so far... probably the second.

Anyway on to today's news and this is a bit interesting.

First up with have long time Nintendo "insider" Emily Rogers whose record is a bit spotty as she has in the past "read between the lines" to make predictions that have failed but has also tapped into good sources correctly predicting Paper Mario: Colour Splash.

Which lines up with other sources over the last few weeks its possible she's simply repeating the Macquire and she's quick to point out To Nintendo Life's own Thomas Whitehead (who state a broken clock is right twice a day).
However since then she has climbed down form her position after contacting other sources.

So instead Ms Rogers offers us a possible glimpse into a new IP from Nintendo, which is apparently "not like Wii Sports"

However! Dr. Serkan Toto an game industry consultant at of Kantan-Games, who has been pretty good in the past doesn't believe we'll the NX this week, whilst also confirming DNeA is doing the grunt work on Super Mario Run (which currently has 20 million notifications) whilst Nintendo handles direction and level design.
Whilst he's certain on his source for Super Mario Run but his NX source is apparently a bit shakier.
Dr. Serkan Toto is certain Nintendo will talk about the NX next week but they would HAVE to because it's their share holders meetings.

Abe's Take
Come on Nintendo it is time to show your hand, everyone else has checked and has patiently waited to see what you have. Today we've had two people claimed opposing things but then backed down from their positions leaving us... here. Again.

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