Monday, 17 October 2016

Another Red Dead Redemption Tease

Well this is just getting mean Rockstar, yesterday you teases us with a basic red splash with a black logo and now this!

Yep that looks pretty Red Dead Redemption-like to me. Hopefully Rockstar releasing these teases so quickly means an announcement it soon... Tomorrow would be a good day for a teaser. HINT HINT!

Not really sure what to add here other than please let there be an co-op mode as well! Something along the lines of FarCry 4 where the side missions and world activities was available for two players whilst the story was kept strictly single player. I wounder if this game comes with Red Dead Online (like GTA Online) the first game's multiplayer mode was an stepping stone for GTA V's offering.

Abe's Take
Finally an new Red Dead! (Don't make me a liar Rockstar)

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