Monday, 24 October 2016

Monster Hunter Direct!

Well, we've been talking a lot here about the possibility of Monster Hunter on the NX and then suddenly this appears.

Update: The official website says the Direct will not feature the Nintendo Switch or Smartphones

Original Story:

Nintendo Japan is having a (currently) Japanese exclusive Monster Hunter Direct on Thursday the 27th at 20:00 Japanese time, which is about 12pm if you feel inclined to watch it.

What could be discussed? Monster Hunter Stories has already been released in Japan, so unless the game is getting some large DLC that seems unlikely. Current favourites are Monster Hunter X-G (Generations Ultimate to western fans) or an MH for Nintendo Switch. well I guess we'll find out in a few days

Abe's Take
Monster Hunter stands out as a franchise that'll benefit from the "dual nature" of the Switch. Global MH fans have been very split but equally vocal in the past about wanting mobile and home experiences.

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