Thursday, 20 October 2016


THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Repeat this is not a drill. No rumour to be found here, no chatter be cold hard facts.

Today over at Nintendo's main page at 3pm/16:00 CEST Nintendo will deliver its first look at what is currently known as the NX. This will be a reveal trailer that will "serve as a preliminary announcement" so it's unlikely we'll get too much detail today but at least we'll KNOW. Here's hoping the trailer ends with an date where we can get a full look at the device,

First Nintendo seems to of confrimed the NX is a "home" system.

Next up the Eurogamer report's (first 'leak and Beyond Good and Evil Semi reboot) author believes to know what will be featured in today's trailer (kinda... KINDA spoiler, not the name!)

Whist another Eurogamer reporter believes another game will be shown, This is Tom Phillips the one who claimed Nintendo was going to reveal the NX in September.

Abe's Take
Finally Nintendo will SHOW US THE THING.
So looks like Ms Rogers was wrong to climb down from her rumour yesterday.

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