Monday, 24 October 2016

Nintendog Switch!

A few day's ago we posted an article about Publisher Reacting To Switch. At the end of the article, I posted a bonus picture I found online of the Switch Joy-Con mount as a puppy. Well...

Yep! Someone has turned that cute drawing into a super adorable Nintendog Switch plush. This adorable doodle now plush is the work of 'Anna The Red' who has a whole host of other plush for sale on her site here. Please check out the rest of her work (which includes an awesome Jak and Daxter).

Abe's Take
As a bearded 'core' gamer I am above such things as plushes... have the other core gamers gone? good! I want about 4 of these, one is going to sit next to the Switch's dock on a little shelf above my TV, Next to my Wooly Yoshi Amiibo.

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