Thursday, 27 October 2016

Monster Hunter XX Announced

Remember last week we told you that Japan was getting a Monster Hunter Direct, well that happened.

During the presentation, Capcom announced Monster Hunter XX which if it gets brought to the west will be Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. If you're unaware of how the G/Ultimate versions differ from the first releases (if you're a western 3DS MH hunter then you wouldn't have experienced this). Let's break it down for you.

  • These are full games, not DLC with save file transfer.
  • They add all new and new variant monsters, weapons and armour.
  • They add a new tier of missions known as G-Rank, these quests are far harder with no supply items and random spawns.
  • G-Rank also reintroduces existing equipment as higher stats  

Seeing as this is an update on Generations it adds to the new elements such as a two new hunter styles, new village (well actually it's an AIRSHIP!) and an upgrade to the Prowlers (Playable cat hunters) that allows them to use Aerial and Adept hunter styles. Two of the new monsters add to the original games quartet of bosses, first is a new Diablos variant and a new dragon that has wings that appear to be jets!

If you want to check out the Japanese direct here.

Monster Hunter XX will launch in Japan mid-March next year... Not even really bearded people know if we'll get it over here or how many years we'd have to wait.

Abe's Take
Wait a minute! That's right when the Nintendo Switch comes out! Could there be a Nintendo Switch version too? If there is no switch port it's possible that in terms of Japanese sales Capcom has just sabotaged Nintendo's new console launch.

Back on topic, YAY! whilst I enjoyed Generations it did feel 'short' to veteran hunters who are used to having that G-Rank offering up an harder challenge.

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