Friday, 27 May 2016

Xbox Mods To Be Shown Later Today

One of the big announcements from E3 was that Fallout 4 would be receiving mod support. Which was huge news, as console gaming as been (non hardware) mod free. However Bethesda was clear there was stuff they wanted to do first before tackling console mods.

Now we are past the first 3 DLCs and the free survival update Bethesda is prepared to show us what console mods look like. First Major Nelson of Xbox Live have released this teaser video.

We got to see a few things in this video. A mod for improving base building by allowing you to snap objects together. A mod for a fully customizable alien rifle. Some rather nifty Same Fisher style googles that add night-vision, thermal, or target tagging. The final mod shown allows player to build settlements wherever you want!

We'll see more tonight at 8PM BST as Bethesda/Xbox will live-stream mods running on Xbox One.

Obviously there will be limits to mods on consoles as they'll obtained in game via the Bethesda store and such no "naughty" mods or ones that use licensed materials. There's also the console's own limitations to consider, you wont be doing any of the really high end stuff like those amazing graphics overalls.

Abe's Take
I cant wait to try out mods on Xbox One but I know the console will limit the mods. So my plan is to not go crazy with it like i would on pc, instead choosing to augment the console version. Such as the campsite mod which will work nicely with the overhauled survival mode.

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