Tuesday, 24 May 2016

E3 Rumour: SKYRIM!

Yep its time of the year when the hype train pulls into the station and offers advance booking to random locations where it probably wont go. Yep today we have some lovely E3 related lies rumours. Yesterday I saw an "report" that the entire thing was one sentence taken of NeoGaf "Nvidia is involved with Nintendo " that's it the whole story.

Anyway according to multiple sources (who have been okay at this in the past) Bethesda has some big plans for this years E3. What could they show at this year's show, surely its too early for the next Elder Scrolls game? So its likely to be Doom, Fallout and maybe Elder Scrolls Online content, Maybe a new Wolfenstein, and maybe a deeper look at Dishonoured 2.

You know where this going? Yep they are saying that Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is getting an release on Xbox One complete with mod support, with no mention of the PS4. Some of you will recall Tod Howard revealed they ported Skyrim to Xbox One as a training exercise for the new systems.

Its interesting they aren't mentioning PS4 or that it will be an remaster. Its possible this could be some new kind of backwards compatibility with Bethesda handling the work in house and actively adding features without reworking the rest of the game.

Abe's Take
I'd be worried about all these remasters as we approach year 3 for the new machines but damn it the idea that I could soon be wandering through Skyrim with survival mode dose make my drool ever so slightly.

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