Thursday, 26 May 2016

Monster Hunter Stories Update

We really love Monster Hunter here at GK-UK and so one title we have a cautious eye on is Monster Hunter Stories. An more traditional RPG spin off to the core franchise, this entry being heavier on story and featuring Riders instead of Hunters.

First up Capcom has released and brand new trailer for the game, which is still highly stylised and still pretty looking.

The company has also announced that Monster Hunter Stories will reward players of Monster Hunter X (that's Generations to us) with an unique costume for Nabiru the strange looking Feline companion and a fancy one handed sword for the rider, More importantly (to me) Monster Hunter Stories is getting it's own Amiibo line.

Which look both meaty and glorious, The above three will launch along side the game in Japan on October 8th. Capcom has also announced these are only the first of the wave and that more will launch later. Capcom says the Amiibo will unlock special monsters, no word yet if they are Amiibo exclusive.

Abe's Take
I really need them to confirm an western launch for this and I really, really need any of those Rathalos on my desk! I also still hate the new cat, to me it seems unnecessarily stylized.

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