Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Rumour: Nintendo MH hypothetical?

Yesterday the Nintendo-sphere (and our site) caught fire as an analyst in Japan seemingly outed an handheld device codenamed MH, suddenly the NX wasn't on the lips of Nintendo fans. Once again Nintendo's handheld took the limelight. The report was well received due the 3DS age and the sheer amount of conflicting NX rumours.

The one and only
However it appears it might not be as exciting as our pal (he doesn't know us) Dr. Serkan Toto CEO of Kantan Games says the report was a "super rich analysis" of an hypothetical scenario, that they applied a "arbitrary" codename to the handheld to make it "more readable" and shouldn't be taken as a confirmation that Nintendo has a new handheld waiting.

However it is worth noting our pal (he really doesn't know us) doesn't shoot down the idea of a new Nintendo handheld, only that yesterday's report doesn't confirm it. But that's probably down to Nintendo's reputation of constantly developing hardware, rather than any knowledge of a specific device he may have.

Abe's Take
And with that the Monster Hunter console dies. So once again we are plunged into the murky world of confusing and conflicting rumours about the NX.

However in this era of leaks and spoilers where secrecy is no longer guaranteed could Nintendo be supplying disinformation to create a blurry picture of the NX and let us generate the hype for them?

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