Friday, 20 May 2016

Joker's New Look

With J Max's bee fueled comic reviews doing so well I thought I'd dabble in some comic news that has popped up.

For those who don't know DC comics is preparing an massive shake up (not reboot) of their universe and as such all sorts of things have been changing. Batman was one of the few titles of DC's New 52 that was great from beginning and the team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo delivered pure gold on the flagship series, even some how managing to pull off temporarily replacing Bruce Wayne with Commissioner Gordon in the bat-suit.

Now we might have our first look at what might be how the Joker look when he returns in DC's Rebirth, which it is claimed we'll learn the Joker's real name. Cant help but feel that will either be crazy level of meta (like he IS the DC Universe) or just wont stick.

At first glance it appears that the artist Rafael Albuquerque has mimic Joker's look in the upcoming Suicide Squad but closer inspection suggests Rafeal has pulled from all over for the iconic villain in this variant cover. The Face is very Jared Leto's film version, the hair style is a lot like Capullo's work on Endgame and the suit is straight up Frank Miller's take on the character in Dark Knight Returns. Here's a selection of what I'm referring too. Again it's worth pointing out this is a variant cover by an guest artist, so its entirely possible the design is a tribute and not certain.

Abe's Take
I do feel sorry for new guys (writer) Tim King and (artist) Mikel Janin as they are just going to suffer in comparison to the now legendary team of S.Snyder & G.Capullo but I do like Albuquerque's approach to pulling across Jokers past, present and future content. Now I'm going to go stare at more of Capullo's art (sorry Janin and Albuquerque) 

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