Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Rumour: 2nd Nintendo Device Incoming?

So here we are waiting around for NX details to drop (even though it wont be at E3), carefully watching the web to see any information or hint at what the new system could be and it seems something else nearly sneaked on by.

A financial report from Yahoo Japan seems to of outed another device from Nintendo. Here is the article handy (via google) translated in to English, Its the third star/bullet point down. let me give you the important quote from the article

 "next-generation game machine "NX" and next-generation portable game machine to "MH (tentative name)"

Now normally I'd chalk this up to mistranslation or mishearing of the name but this directly states the NX and an separate handheld unit codenamed "MH", Which is actually a pretty fitting codename seeing as in Japan Monster Hunter is the kingmaker, you release a new entry on an device and that device sells out.

Now if the MH is real then this explains why we've been receiving wildly different information on the NX (less powerful than Xbox One powered by Nvidia Tegra/massively more powerful than PS4 powered by AMD Polaris) from all the sources, The wild selection of patents linked to Nintendo and even backs up earlier rumours that the NX would have a staggered release with a home unit launching first and then handheld unit launching later (other rumours had the order switched). Its also worth pointing out Gamespot US and AMD have repeatedly mentioned that "multiple systems" are heading to market. which we have all linked to Xbox One and PS4 revisions but could now mean MH too.

The article seems to believe the NX and MH together will increase stock values by "dispelling Skepticism of monetization of mobile games" I.E. money coming from console sales not mobile sales.

Abe's TakeWith the 3DS in its twilight years, the Wii U failing to gain traction and the downfall of western Handheld/ Eastern Home sales. It was natural for us all to assume the NX was an hybrid device meant to replace both systems. Obviously if true we don't really know anything about the NX let alone the MH, they could still be two devices that share a library of games. An in house theory is the NX is going to be something... powerful and weird (like VR) and the MH will be a "traditional" handheld aimed at the current gen systems.

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