Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Beauty and the Beast (2017) Trailer Review

In a convoluted scheme involving a butterfly net, Google maps and a life size cut out of Lara Croft. Game-Knights hase expanded. Now that she has gotten used to her cage office here is Cori's take on Disney's latest live action remake.

As it's my first review, it makes sense that it should be related to my first ever film that I saw as a child.

It's no secret to those who know me that I wasn't too thrilled at the idea of one of my most beloved Disney films getting live action update... I wasn't too keen on the main casting, and after Maleficent (which turned out to be pretty great) I worried that we'd be seeing everything from Gaston's point of view and that he wasn't really a bad guy at all.

I'm going into this blind, and basing my opinions on the trailer alone while the two year old me screams in the back of my mind.

So, let's start with a look at the trailer itself. (For those who haven't yet seen it)

Seen it? Good.

The castle though. Now it's not the whimsical Disney type from the outside, but the second you see the inside of the ball room it has that sense of 'I know this place' that I for one used to get from the Kingdom Hearts game series. Though that familiar feeling could be down to the musical accompaniment. Cue the goosebumps of nostalgia.
Yet the more I watch the trailer, the more I notice. It isn't just showing you inside, it's showing it changing. From beautiful and stunning to forgotten and aging, which is very telling in itself. The castle interior is not being looked after at all, (possibly a painful reminder of the Beast's search for someone to break the spell not going so smoothly).
Candles are burning quickly, walls are cracking... and boom! Portrait of the assumed owners of the castle. It's somewhat comforting to know that the Beast was still around 10 years old when he was turned. Fingers crossed that is explored a little more this time around.

Assuming it is Lumiere and Cogsworth talking (Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellen respectively), we can safely assume they're talking about Belle's (Emma Watson) initial arrival to the castle.
Change is good, though I did almost expect imitations of the Lumiere and Cogsworth that I grew up hearing, but I won't decide on them until I've seen them in action. But going on voices alone, I have to wonder if Lumiere will be the only French character aside from the feather duster again... well, that and the villagers when they sing.

The whole feel to the trailer for me is a brief glimpse at what I think will be about 20-30 minutes into the film. Despite my nitpicking and amazement by the details in a 90 second clip, I for one am praying that it is as every part magical as the original Disney motion picture so that an entirely new generation can enjoy the story. And with the CGI technology that's around, I'm sure they won't be disappointing anyone.

My hopes for the next trailer they release is that we get to see Gaston and Le Fou at least. I'm ready to accept that we won't see anyone who lives within the castle until the film's actual release to give it that air of mystery. Unless there's a clip of "Be Our Guest", in which case most likely it will just be the Beast who won't be seen.

I really hope you all enjoyed Cori's premiere article, she worked really hard on it, and I didn't even have to fetch any bees! What do you mean you never saw Beauty and the Beast? Fix that NOW!

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