Saturday, 28 May 2016

WEIRDNESS: Street Fighter II Mystery Solved

Street Fighter is not only one of the top tier fighting franchise but also lore spinning machine, however there is a habit of not committing to it and end up creating an awful lot of questions that they tend to outright ignore.

Well after 25 years one question has been answered. Yes the fate of Ryu's Master Goken's daughter "Little Miss" last seen in SF1... wait! she vanished from the story 29 years ago in Street Fighter 1... then what is this resolved mystery from the depths of Street Fighter, is it Shen Long? Because I'm pretty sure that was why Akuma now exists.

Oh it these guys. Excuse me whilst I scream in frustration.

Right I'm back the two characters are from the opening of Street Fighter II, Their names are apparently Max (left) and Scott (right). Their profiles have been shared on the Street Fighter sub-reddit, The pages are in Japanese but I'll post the translated information and the artwork here. UPDATE: Rewrote the bio's as the translated text was the worst kind of "Engrish" and didn't make much sense, for example here is the original bio text (Original pages are linked to their names below).

Boxer to be active in the heavyweight speed and technique to the weapon.
But decent influential person to participate in mixed martial arts tournament,
Behavior is poor causing the often problems are punished.

Gambling like a will is invested most of the prize money.


It is currently in the former boxer has been the bouncer of the bar.
Wage a street fight in the city of thugs opponent intense straight and opponent of the attack at high speed ducking dodge in a fine line.
Weekend seems to go the black bass fishing in the lake.

Name: Max
Height: 187cm
Weight: 93kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: April 1
Home Country: United States
Favorite things: Shiny things and gambling.
Dislikes: Serious things

Bio: An heavyweight boxer who uses his speed and technique to defeat his opponents.
Despite his in ring ability his poor behaviour eliminates him from prize fights and this doesn't sit will with his gambling habits, to continue funding his gambling habit he enters the World Warrior mixed martial arts tournament.

Abe: He sounds a lot like an non-Shadaloo Balrog

Name: Scott
Height: 191cm
Weight: 95kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: September 10
Home Country: United States
Favorite things: Street Fighting
Dislikes: Caterpillar's

Bio: A former boxer who currently works as a bouncer at a bar, who enjoys spending weekends bass fishing.

His weekdays however are spent fighting street thugs utilizing his agility to dodge his enemy before using his power to take them out.

Abe: fighting street thugs, blond hair, white shirt and jeans? he sounds like Cody from Final Fight which was originally titled Street Fighter '89

Before you get to excited about the Street Fighter V logo, The devs confirm they are not in the works so the logo is probably for promo purposes.

Abe's Take
Honestly I have never really wondered about these guys, my Street Fighter lore concerns tend to focus on characters who disappear like 'Little Miss" and those who return like Goken, Gen, Bison and so on. Now excuse me as I go play Super Street Fighter IV on 3DS because Capcom wont release Ultra Street Fighter IV on Xbox One via BC.

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