Thursday, 26 May 2016

Rumour: Two new Xboxes?

First, seriously what is the plural of Xbox? I mean box becomes boxes but isn't Xbox a noun? turns out with names ending x you add es, so in short its Xboxes. Anyway your probably wondering why the impromptu lesson on plural nouns? Well it seems Microsoft has two Xboxes in the pipeline. 

Update: Completely forgot to mention that the source of the rumour suspects Scorpio is meant to be integrated with Oculus Rift thus enabling VR on Xbox and not in the current "play Xbox One in your own cinema" set up.

Original: The two devices are part of separate strategies and have different schedules. Lets run down what we know. The first device is an Xbox One slim, how slim 40% less bulk than the launch system, be cheaper and have a built in 2TB drive. Its also reported the slim will feature an new controller design and 4K support (this probably being for video and not gaming) There's no report of whats missing from the new device, Its entirely possible that the slim could be missing the HDMI pass through and Kinect ports. Whether this is true shouldn't take long for us to find out as the slim is set to be announced at E3.

The 2nd device is a little more eyebrow rising "Project Scorpio". This console is apparently meant to end the narrative of the PS4 being more powerful, to that end the Scorpio will be targeting "6 teraflops" which is above the PlayStation Neo's rumoured "4.14 terraflops" and in more practical terms to us gamers? that is 4x the power of current Xbox One model. This monster is set for release before "late 2017"

Abe's TakeI don't mind there being an Xbox One Slim as they tend to stimulate sales nicely. The news of Sony and MS getting into an arms race in between generations. Console gaming's sole advantage is simplicity, you see a game trailer/advert, buy the game, put it in and play the game you saw. Now admittedly in recent years trailer s have been misleading and games have to install but the concept has remained. Now with these non generational upgrades all the footage we'll see wont be close to what the launch system plays and whilst both parties will tell us there wont be exclusive games for these updates, there will be games where they are barely functioning or recognizable compared to Neo or Scorpio.

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