Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Games Knights Expansion pack

In an effort to increase content here at GK-UK, I have taken certain steps to make sure there's more to read here and generally make the place a little better. A literal international recruitment drive and deadly bees are on the agenda.

Step 1: use the threat of "deadly bees" to... politely encourage members of the team to do more. So J-Max of our Hourglass reviews is now embarking on a journey of glory and more likely horror as he attempts to review Marvel Knight Rider circa 1990's. This feature will be known as "Thirty Days of: Ghost Rider." J-Max has all ready been actively working on this and has 8 great reviews all ready, You'll find them under that shiny (it isn't) comics tab above this article.

Step 2: I went outside with a large butterfly net in search of new "staff" and after many hours hiding in a bush (which later turned out to be a rabbits home) I managed to snag a wild Corinne Gleghorn, Cori wishes to bless us with her movie passions but I'm sure we'll see her pop up all over the place.
Here is her first article Beauty & the Beast Trailer

Step 3: Reuse Bee ploy to "vigorously encourage" Himaru into doing more (any) work... This has apparently produced team MiiFoto and a Fan Friday feature where Himaru till tell us what awesome fan things he has found.

Step 4: Utilise modern transportation to travel to the USA and snag us an real quality America. So a warm welcome to Rob Fisher IV aka Girizmo. As our Agent in the US we have yet to secure what exactly Girizmo will actually be doing. However Girizmo is talented gamer and DBZ fan so I am sure he'll make his presence known.

So to sum up, The team has rejiggered and expanded which of cause means novelty job titles!

JMax - Historical Quality Guardian. He'll be over seeing Retro reviews of anything!

Cori - Madame de Movie. She'll be guiding us through us through the non-interactive world of cinema,

Girizmo - Knight International. He'll be seeing what takes his fancy and jumping in.

Himaru - Freeloader and Miifoto-grapher. He'll be doing something... probably for food.

Abe - Editor and Dabbler. (THATS ME!) I'll be flicking through everyone's articles, helping behind the scenes and doing my general rambling about news and reviews. 

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