Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Weirdness: Legend of Zelda Like You Have never Seen It Before

Hey Listen! We all see all-sorts of fan made videos and content for all our favourite games. One franchise that is no stranger to fan re-imaginings is the 30 year old Legend of Zelda.

We've seen fan comics, fan art and even fan games all devoted to the love of Zelda. We've seen Zelda as a Sci-fi story, we've seen it in the style Edo period Japanese art and we've even seen western fantasy versions of the long classic series. Today's dose of weirdness comes from Dayside TV.

Dayside TV has produced this... You know what? first watch.


Yep you just witnessed (unitended pun) the Legend Of Zelda re-imagined as a modern Hong Kong crime drama. YOU. ARE. WELCOME.

Apparently Dayside TV plan on releasing the short film on the 5th of May via their YouTube Channel, here is their official synopsis for their unofficial adaption.

Link quits the police force to search for Zelda, a key person to Ganon's crime empire

Abe's Take
You know what? this could be the closest thing we'll every get to a real Zelda TV show, so I'm gonna watch this.

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