Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The Eye Of Truth Spies E3

Nintendo's plans for E3 has been rather controversial this year as they are claiming the entire event will be for just one game Legend of Zelda. Whilst the Wii U seems dead for the rest of the year the 3DS has "many unannounced" titles coming, them skipping E3 is eyebrow raising. However Nintendo's updated their E3 page.

That right there is pretty darn ominous.

The Nintendo's page reconfirms that E3 will see the world premier of footage of the Wii U and NX launch title, it's worth noting they wording suggests it's only the Wii U version that will be shown BUT entirely possible Nintendo is simply lying about what we'll see at E3

The E3 page is the same reveal footage from it's original reveal set to to ambient nature sounds, its rather pleasant. I have it playing away as I write this very article... Ah nature!

Whilst we're here lets do a little harmless speculating based entirely on the promo image. We have the Eye/lenses of Truth surrounded by what appears to be a circuit digram, which makes me instantly recall Link's fancy arrow and the mechanical enemy from that first trailer. The colouring certainly brings twilight princess to mind... though that could be because i'm currently playing Twlight Princess HD.

Abe's TakeOminous imagery aside, its going to be great to see the new Zelda title in action but the wait till next march is going to be soul destroying! Personally I do worry Nintendo might show off too much of the game as its their sole focus of E3.

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