Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Rumour: Titanfall 2 details

We really enjoyed Titanfall when it launched on Xbox One. The finely crafted balance, the giant robots and multi leveled maps that suited both Titan and Pilot game play. Earlier we found out Titanfall 2 was incoming thanks to a teaser.

Yay giant robot sword... Sorry I got distracted there. Today a Reddit post (which was swiftly deleted) seems to of got hold of a couple of details for the Robo-sequel. First we have what is reported to be the part of the box art (fairly sure its the wrong way round).

Is it just me or is that Titan wearing some kind of jet-pack backpack?

The post stated that pilots now have a grapple hook that would extend the free running abilities, enable long range Titan mounting, and the ability to grab leaping enemies. Which all sounds very exciting. The source also says that the multiplayer maps will be "increased in size" when compared to the first game, could this indicate more players per team?

The post also claims an pre-order handgun called the "Violator", an rather alarming name. They also claim EA is launching it "around October", which is right next to Battlefield 1 and CoD: Infinite Warfare. Looks like October is going to be busy for FPS fans.

Abe's Take
I do like what I'm hearing there, As much as we loved the first game there wasn't a whole heap of content, which to be fair they expanded on via DLC and updates. I do have to question the wisdom of launching both EA shooters at the same time. Sure they contrast each other and over lap should be kinda manageable but you also have COD there with an similar theme.

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