Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Sing Trailer (2016) Review

So while scrolling through the recently uploaded trailers on Youtube, I discovered this particular one.

Now already as it's a film by Illumination (makers of Despicable Me, Hop, The Lorax etc), I'm intrigued. There's yet to be a film of theirs that hasn't captivated my interest in some way.

First impressions, it's a story that's told over and over. A kid forced into the gang lifestyle of his family and wants more for himself, and that outlet this time around is singing. I find it ironic that they are gorillas in a gang, really... it was hard not to have a quiet giggle over that.

What I am impressed by is the fact that it isn't just about a young gorilla's quest to be more than he is. It has multiple stories thrown together; the theater is going out of business and the owner comes up with a crazy way to bring in more money, a mother with countless children and an uninterested husband who wants to feel like she used to... I've yet to figure out what the other animal's reasons for taking part in a singing competition would be, but a lot of it seems to ride on typical X-Factor reasons.

If anything I can imagine it will bring the same amount of entertainment that X-Factor and Britain's Got Talent does, from the cringe-worthy auditions that you just have to laugh at to get through, and right up to the ones that send chills down your spine. (That snail though).

So, what do you think? And feel free to comment below if there are any films/trailers you'd like reviewed in future!

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