Friday, 14 February 2014

Left 4 Dead Creators New Game Evolve Shares Some Secrets

Evolve is finally showing itself off after offering preorder without showing an single frame of the game.

First up with have this lovely new trailer, The characters are examples of each of the in-game classes. Note: Each class has multiple characters with their own layouts and skills

When asked what kinds of monsters will players be facing Phil Robb said "We've got some monsters planned that are pretty weird," Robb told us. "The monsters all sort of share a similar origin - they are not native to this planet. You don't really know what their motivations are but yeah, they're all sort of from the same family, I guess you could say. But they look very different - they're different monsters that move very differently and have very different styles of attacks" sounds like they'll be quite different even down to healing, "He [Goliath] has a very specific way that he heals," Robb went on. "But the other monsters will be very different from him. Obviously, I can't talk about the details, but I'll let you... you can sort of let your imagination wander and you might not be far off from the mark as to what to expect from them."

So much like the teams previous game Left 4 Dead replay value will be a big factor in the game. Each of the beasties WONT be tied to certain levels

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