Thursday, 27 February 2014

Titanfall Resolution Lottery - UPDATE

Oh Titanfall you made an impression at E3, Gamescon and wherever you showed your face and as the hype built the rumours began to swirl. Was you a timed exclusive? No. Was your hype bought and the play tests faked? No. Now do you run at 1080p? Well? 

UPDATE- Seems Titanfall wont be running at 1080p 'at launch'. studio founder Vince Zampella shot down the 1080p rumour with an simple 'no'. This lead to another rumour appeared saying that the Beta version's graphics was enhanced and that the final game (on Xbox One) will run at 720p and use the 25% textures from the closed alpha. This apprently annoyed Respawn's producer Drew Mckoy who took to Reddit "I don't know how many times it can be stated clearly and officially - both of those claims are false, have been false, and will continue to be false,"  

That appears to be today's Anti Titanfall rumour. According to RUMOUR Titanfall will only run at 720p at 60FPS. This would be strange seeing as the recent beta ran at 792p (an odd number granted). As the beta wound down Respawn Community Manager Abbie Heppe suggested the final game will run at 900p (same as Ryse) when approached about today's rumour Miss Heppe said "We're not dropping the resolution for launch, Nothing has changed from what we've said in recent interviews." 

A second rumour from a validated reddit users claims the opposite is true "I can tell you Titanfall has gone gold and the final resolution is most def above 720p, That's all I can say." Dose this mean Titanfall will run at 1080p 60FPS? 

Dose it even matter what resolution it runs at on a system that up scales to 1080p anyway?

Abe's Take
I along with 2 Million other played the beta and I cant speak for the other 1.9 million but I thought it look amazing though admittedly I wasn't able to count the pixels across as I was to busy trying to running along buildings, avoiding being stood on and taking down giant mechs

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