Friday, 14 February 2014

DayZ & Rust Looking at Xbox One & PS4

Massive PC hits eyeing up next-gen consoles

 Two of the largest Indie "Survival Sims" on PC DayZ and Rust have reportedly looking in to development for the newest living room boxes. You'll notice the use of "Survival Sims" as i discus these games as generally you don't survive long before another player ends you

DayZ - A rarity a gun NOT point at your back
DayZ creator Dean Hall has revealed that he has "extensive discusions" with Microsoft about bringing his zombie "Survival Sim" and is prepared to bring it to "Any feasible platform with a realistic publishing model". Mr Hall was careful to be clear that he still thinks PC is his lead platform "I personally feel the new consoles have yet to prove themselves able to rival the PC experience, however I feel there is the potential from both." despite briefly saying he was considering an PS4 release in the past this was before Microsoft reversed its self publishing rules and formed ID@XBOX program, but now seems to of swung the other way "I've not personally had the opportunity to view the full details of the PS4 whereas I have had the opportunity to talk extensively with Microsoft. The next-gen consoles show very exciting promise. I'm hopeful that they can deliver on that." He hopes to bring the "edginess" of the PC development to consoles 

Rust - Scared, Naked and Alone... till your not
Rust is also looking at console releases and actually creator Garry Newman has recently received Xbox One dev kits, though he suspects it'll be some time before a possible version could be release due to the fact the games is in early alpha (like DayZ) and neither Sony or Microsoft have an early access styles system for unfinished games.

Rust's player murder is vaguely more justified simple because it isn't pitching it self as a "Zombie Survival Sim" and feels a little bit like a realistic Minecraft

Both games are massive success. Rust has clear 1 million sales in a little over a month and i set to follow Minecrafts lighting path, it's a little harder to track DayZ's true success since it started life as a mod for ARMA 2 and continues to be supported as the Stand Alone alpha is being developed.

Both games would be welcomed additions to consoles and much like Minecraft's console port may provide a more stable (performance and visual) experience/

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