Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Farcry 4 Rumour Round Up

Right so I was strolling around the internet and came across a rich vain of rumours regarding everyone's favourite open world FPS.

 This was the first thing I bumped into. An apparently *leaked* teaser for Farcry 4 which raises questions *SPOILER* with Vas being dead and all but this is a video game about being insane so he could still be around or this could be a prequel *SPOILER* Nobody has been able to confirm if the picture is real or fake, however the picture contains the date 4-04-2014 which would be a good time for a reveal as its just before a week before PAX East and a few months before E3, the perfect time to build hype for a winter launch.

Other rumours include the game having RPG elements, Co-op and separate online component. The setting for the next game according to rumour? The Himalayas! don't worry that this means the game will be full of snow. The Himalayas region covers all sorts of environments; From snow capped peaks all the way down to sub tropical forests. So the Fancy next gen systems will get a nice work out

Abe's Take
I doubt the image being a real teaser, it could be concept art from Farcry 3 mocked up for the *leak* however the other details about the game could be true as Ubisoft has experimented with all these things before in their rather large catalogue

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