Sunday, 16 February 2014

New Transformers Game Announced :Rise Of The Dark Spark

New transformers game set in the fantastic (War for/ Fall Of) 'Cybertron Universe' announced for all systems (bar Vita)

There are two buts here. Bottom No.1 Its not made by High Moon Studios, the makers of the last 2 fantastic games and Bottom No.2 Activision says its been made to 'marry' the previous games with the movie universe... yes the Micheal Bay Movie universe... You can play as Grimlock though. The game will have the same feature set as the previous game (single player, multiplayer and Co-op horde mode)

Abe's Take
Lets address those issues here, Whilst not developed by High Moon (they don't seem to be in good shape after the staff cuts, Deadpools poor performance and activision's knack for punishing anything but gold)  it is developed by Edge of Reality, who handled the console version of Dragon Age (one), the PS3 version of Mass effect (one) and various Activison ports for Nintendo consoles over the last 16 years. So it shouldn't be made badly. (3DS version is being developed by go to 3DS devloper Wayforward)

Issue 2 is harder to talk away, especially since there is all ready a graphic novel series linking the Cybertron games to the rather excellent Transformers Prime series, a lot of the previous games fan praised it for NOT being involved with the films. Another alarm bell is the game is slated for this year and the 4th movie is due out this summer and the trailer has the minor wiff of 'movie tie in'

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