Monday, 24 February 2014

Monday News Lump - 24/2

Xbox One Price Cut
In the UK, starting Friday the Xbox One will be £399
If you need time to generate funds or want a free game a Titanfall bundle will also retail at £399 will have digital version of Titanfall and a month of gold (will be black machine and controller)

DayZ Creator Exits
Well not yet, but 2014 will be last year with DayZ and its developer. He plans on setting up an new studio in New Zealand and will focus on new multiplayer games.

Ryse Content Creator Scrapped
The fabled mission editor has been shelved in favour of more DLC both free and paid. It's sad to hear something be scrapped at least the title will continue to be supported.

Hideo Kojima Looking For Replacement
Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima wants to hand over the title to fresh blood but hopes to 'push MGS towards GTA' not entirely sure exactly what he means by that. He is looking at doing other games but also moving on to books and film. I think people will be more accepting of a new team if the game was Metal Gear and not Solid

Titanfall Beta Numbers
Titanfall's beta hit 2 million unique users. Its not totally surprising consider it was A)Free, B)Open to all, C)a hotly anticipated title and D)Not much new released on Xbox one recently

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