Friday, 14 February 2014

Free Dungeon Keeper 1!

Got an PC? Got no money? Get Dungeon Keeper!

This weekend and EA are giving away Dungeon Keeper 1 for FREE and Dungeon Keeper 2 for $1.49 that's 89p. Both games are iconic pieces of PC gaming legend and I urge you to get at least DK1 Grab It here at
As with all GOG games DK will be DRM free (no strings attached) and if you are new to GOG you'll also will be given a few games for free when you join.

Abe's Take and Humble Bundle are personal gaming heroes of mine, Both other great games, good prices and zero DRM. (Humble Bundle dose this for charity) though i suspect that this is damage control for the release of the Free-To-Play version of dungeon Keeper on Mobile and Table. But I am happy to pick up these two as compensation for paying the app for 30 seconds. I hope sales of this will nudge EA into making a 3rd game or (HD and Online) remakes of the original games.

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