Monday, 10 February 2014

Monday News Lump -Titanfall Beta and Xbox One updates!

Monday News lump

Who likes Mondays? Feel free to answer and please make way for the tumble weed. Due to demands on blue Mondays i'll post the news i'n one post.

TitanFall Beta Nears

Apparently we are mere days away from learning the Titanfall Beta details all though it was confirmed their will be no NDA so look forward to our coverage of the game including impressions and Videos

Xbox One Patches 

Patch incoming!!! Tomorrow Xbox One users will be greeted with a patch. What game changing features will be in the patch?  

Controller battery levels, the ability to manage the Hard Drive, A sub folder for separating the Games and Apps... and that's it

However a second patch will land March 4th and this one is slightly more TITANFALL-y. This one will apparently make it easier to handle friends, achievements, Party and generally prep for Titanfall

Batman to Stay Glitchey

Seems like the Arkham Origins team are to busy with story DLC to fix the various bugs for the game. 
This is double slap for Wii U fans who was recently told that they didn't buy enough DLC costumes to get the incoming story DLC (that was me paraphrasing there)

Bioshock Infinite : DLC 2 Dated  

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode Two will be released 25th March

This Week eShop

A few games will hit eShop this week 
Iznazuma eleven 3: team ogre attacks (3DS £29.99) - I'll level with you here i have no idea what this is. Well i know its Anime Football 
Lego: The Movie: The Game (3DS/Wii U £34.99) - Despite the name this should be good because A) lego games are always good. B)The movies is pretty great. Odd Fact this is the first Lego game where the levels are made entirely out of Lego bricks
Spin the Bottle (Wii U £8.00) - The price is increased due to the free DLC  being added to the game, how ever as part of their current indie off you could grab it for £2.39 if  you have one of the other Indie titles. 
Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you Steal Our Garbage?!! (3DS £34.99) - Give me a moment that was a hell of a title to type. An Adventure Time game Inspired by Legend of Zelda 2. If you know any combination of those words you'll want this game
Dr Mario (Wii U Virtual Console £3.49) - NES version of the classic puzzler. If you bought Dr Luigi you may be asking why you should bother buying this... It's free 

The Division gets help 

The Team behind Ubisofts Driver series and the Coming-Soon open world racer The Crew is helping out Ubisoft Massive (team working on) The Division an MMO-esc Shooter. What are they helping with? Alot apparently  "Main characters, enemies, RPG pillars, building Manhattan, our Core technology, online components, and so on. It gives us a very broad and wide input on the game"- Pauline Jacquey

You can preorder The Crew  & Tom Clancy's The Division

New Worms Game Announced 

and that's about it on this one other than its coming to Xbox One and PS4

Watch_Dogs gets dated and delayed 

Ubisoft's new IP has had a weird few weeks, Rumours of canceled platforms and someone attempting to 'abandon' the trademark for Ubisoft but now it seems to of passed. The title has had its release date narrowed down to April - June 2014, however the Wii U version has be delayed  - “We made the difficult decision to further delay the release of Watch Dogs on Wii U to focus the team’s resources where they could have the broadest possible benefit for both our customers and Ubisoft,” CEO Yves Guillemo
The reason given doesn't quite match up as the title was delayed last year weeks before release. Some believe they had in fact canceled the Wii U version which caused the issue with the trademark and since receiving a tone of Tweets and Facebook messages from concerned Wii U fans decided to bring it back - RUMOUR

You can Preorder Watch_Dogs PS4/ Xbox One £47.99 360/PS3/Wii U £40

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