Thursday, 27 February 2014

GTA Online Gets More Business

Sadly this isn't a mission DLC it is however FREE

Much like the "Bloody Valentine" DLC that released this month the "Business Update" will add 3 cars, 1 plane, 2 weapons, and more clothes but unlike the Bloody Valentine DLC this update isn't timed (VB items will be unavailable to buy after this Sunday).

This DLC pack will hit next week (March 4th) and all its items will be business themed (Personally I am unsure how a "Advanced Carbine" or "Heavy Pistol" are 'Business') and will feature an large amount of suits, vests, trousers, masks (what!?) and dresses. The Vehicles are all high end sports and supercars (I spy a Zonda-a-like)

So looks like GTA: Online will be more formal place after March 4th. Though I don't think my character can be MORE formal

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