Sunday, 9 February 2014

Surprise Treyarch's Call Of Duty to come out 201...5

No - COD Zombies in 2014

Before we all get upset, don't Panic they'll probably be back in 2015. This years Call of Duty will be developed by Sledgehammer games

You may not of heard of Sledgehammer games before but the studio was founded by the original dead space 3 developers and actually help make Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer and handled the DLC. Seeing as infinity ward was hallowed out to become Respawn (Titanfall) over at EA

This means that Call of Duty now has a 3 year development cycle which should give the teams more time to play around and experiment. Which hopefully means we'll get better games with far less copy and paste content. 

Call of Duty has a lot to deal with this year. Titanfall's DLC will be in full swing, Destiny (also published by Activision) will be launched a month before, Halo 5 (or 2 Anniversary) due to hit Xbox one this winter and a new (police themed) Battlefield developed by Visceral games (current Dead Space devs)  is suspected to hit this year.

So unhappy there will (probably) be no Zombies this year? or did you enjoy Ghost's Extinction mode?

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