Friday, 7 February 2014

Welcome to Game Knights

Welcome Fellow knights

Welcome Ladies and Men-Folk to our home base of operations, we plan on tying all our scattered web presence here. binding YouTube, Facebook and Various forums. 

So... Hi
we're new to a lot of this so for now the site will be rather bare bones. We're currently building content captured from PC, 360, Xbox One and Wii U. We'll report on news and also post reviews on everything we get our hands on

The Team
Christopher "Abe" Abrahams - I'll be heading up this site, keeping up with the news articles and generally poking the other guys in to action. I've been playing games Since the SNES era and i am prepared to play most things
Chris "Himaru" Taylor - a fellow old guard gamer. He'll no doubt be the voice and will often join in the YouTube Videos

We'll often be joined by less vocal members of our Team. You'll no doubt see them in-game and occasionally in video

Ben "Greybeard" Malpas - (his beard isn't grey) a former full time gamer coming back
Joe Price - he's recent to gaming and we'll no doubt subject him to retro gaming

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