Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Titanfall Beta Site Live UPDATE Game Modes Revealed

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Thanks to IGN for the video

Ha Admit it you read this and watched the trailer.
Here's what you want, sign up to the beta here titanfall beta either on PC or Xbox One

The Beta starts on the 14th February - so the first day will be filled with the single and the soon to be single.
The Beta invites will be sent right up until the 17th.

I wants it now! right i'm off to check my emails for acceptance code see Ya!


The beta will have three modes, Attrition, Hardpoint Domination and Last Titan Standing.
In Attrition, teams win by eliminating anyone or anything on the opposing side - pilots, titans and AI soldiers. So that's your team deathmatch covered.

In Hardpoint Domination, teams will capture and hold three hardpoints throughout the map to earn points and secure victory. So that Domination/conquest sorted.

In Last Titan Standing, everyone on both teams starts with a titan in a round-based mode that ends when one team has lost all of their titans. There's no respawning and no replacement titans can be called down. A take on team deathmatch with big burly robots and limited lives.

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