Sunday, 16 February 2014

Games With Gold February Part 2

War, huh, yeah - What is it good for - Absolutely nothing. Coincidentally the Price of XBLA exclusive Toy Soldiers: Cold War for the rest of the month.

The latest member of the Games With Gold Club is the XBLA title Toy Soldiers: Cold War. A tower defense/ third person shooter hybrid set on a table top with toys. You must place defense in order to prevent enemy toys from reaching your toybox, however unlike other titles you can posses turrets, tanks and special units (such as the Rambo-alike above) and control them directly Dungeon Keeper style (which you should have for free by now) allowing you to get in the thick of battle. The Commando spouts some fantastic nonce-sense much like a drunk Rambo. The game features an campaign mode, vs modes and split-screen co-op and well worth the price tag of FREE

Abe's Take
The Games with Gold program has drawn some flak for not offering recent games like its rival PSN, however unlike the PSN instant games collection you KEEP your games if you cancel your subscription fee and increases sales of its featured games as people without gold or missed a game are "persuaded" to buy it afterwards. My only issues with it so far is the games so far is that i've had some of them but not their sequels/prequels. An issue that'll disappear when it hits Xbox One later this year

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