Thursday, 13 February 2014

Special Controller Leaks Family Secret

Titanfall Controller Reveals Secret

Sorry got distracted looking at the Titanfall controller (Which i can not find anywhere!)
And we're back. Turns out the team over at Respawn have been fiddling with the controllers firmware... Yes apprently the Xbox One pads have adjustable firmware (i'm sure that wont be exploited), the team have tighten up he sensitivity to reduce it's twitch and will support Surround Sound Stereo headsets out the box.

Dose this mean those lucky people who got the special pad (not bitter at all... DAMN THEM) have an edge over the rest of us? No. The firmware will be available for all controllers when the New Xbox One headset released 

Elsewhere the Respawn team is working with Microsoft's tech team and are tuning up the Xbox One's upscaler. When they are finished upscaled games (Ryse, CoD Ghosts and Battlefield 3) will look even better

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