Monday, 17 February 2014

Harmonix Announces New Game: Chroma

Harmonix's new games is exactly what you don't think it is. 

First things first - WATCH THE TRAILER

Yep you guess it, it is a rhythm based free to play FPS. Yeah its gonna need some explaining. At its most basic level Chroma is an FPS a fair bit like what you've played befor except moving and attacking in time to the levels backing track. Increases damage, speed and so on

This game NEED Daft Punk
Chroma’s  four classes range from traditional shooter-style mechanics to hardcore rhythm gameplay. The Assault class is the closest thing to a “standard” shooter, armed with a SMG that lets you spray and pray with as little regard for the soundtrack as Chroma will allow. His secondary weapon is a grenade launcher that can be fired at any time, but the grenade will only explode on the downbeat of the map’s music.

Far on the other end of the spectrum is the Engineer, who absolutely requires that you understand rhythm. His primary weapon is a pair of pistols, and as soon as they’re equipped, two familiar Rock Band-style note lanes appear on screen. Using the left and right triggers on a controller, you’ll have to match the beat to the notes on screen, though thankfully you’ll be locked on to your target while doing so. The Engineer’s secondary weapon is a shotgun that also requires you to match the beat, but without the advantage of being locked on. Harmonix notes that while playing as the Engineer, the patterns in the note lane repeat, so once you’ve learned the arrangement you’ll be able to pay more attention to the battlefield than the falling notes.

The other classes fill the gaps in between. Your class and load outs aren't the only thing customisable in Chroma you can even pick what type of music your weapon fires (awesome sentence by the way) and the team has gone to great lengths to ensure even if you pick rock and your friends pick jazz (i am 50% sure Jazz isn't a choice) it'll still sound good blasting across the battlefield. They hope that when you guys sort your teams out you'll do it like setting up a band.

Sadly at the moment there is no plan for licensed music (DAFT PUNK!) but they refuse to sell anything that could affect the games balance.

The games currently in alpha and you can join in HERE


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