Saturday, 8 February 2014

Titanfall beta details, 360 news

Titans Shall Fall

Several chunks of Titanfall news hit recently. 
  1. Titanfall beta details "early next week"
  2. Will be a Closed beta (will require an invite) but a large one to stress test the servers
  3. The 360 version has been delayed and is made by Bluepoint games; Makers of many an HD upgrade including the Metal Gear Solid collection.
  4. Pre-orders wont be need for beta
  5. RUMOUR beta to start on Feb 14 (guess its going to be a lot of singles or soon to be singles playing on that day) 
No reason was given for the delay of the 360 version but i would suspect its damage control. Not that the 360 version will be bad but simply wont shine next to its PC and Xbox One versions. 

Titanfall is set to hit 14/3/14 
Pre-Order Titanfall (Xbox One)

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